I've started bulding bow quivers for a reason: I wanted to roam free in the woods, without catching every branches with my arrows on the back. I bought a mass produced plastic quiver, but I was not satisfied with its quality so I decided to build my own. This wasn't an easy path, an AVQ may have a simple design, but it is the synthesis of four years of projects, prototypes, failures and even few little successes. I've built the first bow quiver in 2018 and since then I changed the design many times, until I was satisfied with every aspect, both on technical and aesthetical side. I wanted to have a quiver that was balanced, good looking, durable and that helped to handle the bow in the forest. I still make every AVQuiver in the same way as I made the first ones: by hand, selecting the best woods, glue and steel.

AVQuiver's history: from the first prototype on the left to the actual design on the right.

AVQ was born on the mountains nearby Florence, Italy, where I live and work. Here in my workshop, I create every AVQ: the main body is made of five layers of hard wood (1,5mm each), glued with an epoxy and squeezed in the mold; the mold is then placed in the oven, in order to dry in its shape. Then I add the metallic elastic holders (when needed) and the screw-head wooden spots on the back of the ends. Separately, I give a roughly shape to the solid wood for the two quiver's tips, then I assemble every part and sand them, in order to give a silky touch to the quiver. The woods are now almost ready, they need just two layers of epoxy finish and the rubber to hold the arrows in place.
How can you know if an AVQ will fit your bow?
I've designed the shape of AVQuivers to fit the majority of traditional bows, primitives, longbows and recurves. To be sure that your bow will love an AVQ, you just need to check if there are two "almost flat" spots on your riser between a distance of 27-30cm (10.5-12inch). For screw-in quivers, the distance of the inserts on your riser should be 26,7cm (10.5inch), as standard in the bowmaker industry, but please send me the exact measurement and I will check for you if an AVQ will fit.
A 6 arrows AVQuiver, according to the chosen wood, will be approximately 200/220 grams (0.44/0.48lb), arrows excluded. The standard lenght for selected AVQs is 56cm (22inch).
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