My name is Arpad (Florence, 1986) and I am an archer. I started shooting the bow and arrows when I was a child: I was so lucky that the famous italian bowyer Maurizio Mazzantini gave me one of his bows and thaught me the basics when I was six. Back then I was learning martial arts so I kept shooting the same wooden recurve as a recreational activity until I was in my twenties; then I choose to use a longbow with wooden arrows and archery slowly became my only sport.
Being born in a farm next to a forest, I've always loved to be in the woods, so it came naturally for me to shoot 3d archery. During and after graduating I was working as a carpenter to pay the bills, and I learned the basics of wood working before starting my job as a photographer in Florence. When I moved back to the countryside in my late twenties, I set up a workshop in my house to be able to do some carpentry jobs when needed. Here, four years ago, I started building the first bowquiver.
In 2021 I felt that AVQuivers were ready to be sold to other passionate archers. After the first satisfied customers, I decided to open AVQ to the web, to reach all traditional archers out there. Wheather you love hunting, competing or just roving, I really think that your bow deserve a well matched AVQ.
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